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The Transport Accident Commission's goal is to make speeding socially and morally unacceptable to the Victorian Community. This "Everybody Hurts" campaign is another important next step. It sets out to demonstrate how many peoples' lives are affected by one single act of speeding; a ripple effect that is created in the immediate community by the tragic loss of life due to unnecessary road trauma. It forms part of an ongoing road safety strategy that has seen the TAC employ different approaches to get the 'slow down' message across to a sometimes apathetic motoring public. The TAC has created an amazingly powerful body of ads over 20 years. Often these have been shocking. Sometimes educational. Sometimes warning of enforcement. The common thread has been built on a simple mantra of 'tell the truth and show reality'. Nothing is more powerful than telling a real story and the "Everybody Hurts" campaign is a fitting example; steeped in authenticity and raw in its emotion. The Robinson family, their friends and others involved in some way, all volunteered to be part of the campaign, and come from every walk of life. Ordinary people who could easily be your brother, your mother, your sister or you. Capturing their stories was an emotional undertaking and it could not have been done without the assistance of the Road Trauma Support Team of Victoria. Despite the pain, the family shared their stories for one reason; they didn't want you or your family to experience firsthand the suffering they have endured. If this campaign can make just one person alter their behaviour and slow down, then itŐs all been worth it.
Open letter from the Robinson family (pdf)