This is a real story

This is a real story. A tragic event that saw 19 year old Luke Robinson die, his three passengers seriously injured and hundreds of people's lives affected, probably forever. All the result of an horrific high-speed crash that should never have happened. The rescue team that were first on the scene described it as the worst they'd ever seen. It happened when Luke was driving his white Holden Commodore too fast late at night. Initially his car clipped the side of a power pole before becoming airborne and hurtling metres above the ground, hitting and wrapping itself around a second pole. Such was the force of the smash, itŐs amazing that anyone survived. The front and rear bumpers touched each other and the roof and floor were almost joined at the point of impact. On that night in March 2010, the Robinson family lost a much loved son, a brother, a nephew, a grandson. And many, many other people lost a good friend, a colleague, a work mate. Luke was just a normal young man at the start of his life, who never imagined that he'd die in a road accident. The ripple effect of that one reckless act of speeding will be felt forever. The reality of Luke's death, and many others like it, surely has to hit home with Victorian the community that we must all slow down on the road. Because quite simply, everybody hurts when you speed.